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Seminar on Digital shipping and Advanced UI’s

Visitor Centre Joki, Turku

What are the latest advancements concerning digitalization of shipping and advanced user interfaces? How can companies ensure the reliability and safety of autonomous and remotely operated systems? The seminar is joint effort between ARPA project and MAST! Institute.

The ARPA project (Applied Research Platform for Autonomous Systems) focuses on building a novel research platform that provides consistent information to developers, researchers, and authorities alike.

The objective of the MAST! Institute is to combine expertise of Novia’s Maritime Academy and Åbo Akademi University’s Information Technology department with aim to enhance multidisciplinary research and improve the maritime digitalization and autonomous shipping competence in Turku region.

In this seminar, international keynote speakers from industry and research will describe the latest advancements within autonomous test vessels and next generation user interface solutions. In addition, the project partners Turku University of Applied Sciences, Novia University of Applied Sciences will present project results with practical state-of-the-art demonstrations.


8:30 Light breakfast available at JOKI

9:00 Opening of the seminar

9:05 Session 1: Use cases for autonomous and remotely operated test vessels
The session will discuss the state of autonomous vessels and test environments that are available for developing them further. The session covers different use cases that can be accomplished in a more efficient and safe way with autonomous vessels.

Experiences from the trial operation of milliAmpere2, an autonomous electric passenger ferry for urban waterways
Ole Andreas Alsos, NTNU Norway’s University of Science and Technology

Robotic System Implementation: From simulations to full-system field tests
George Rossides, CMMI Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute
Presentation material

The multi-purpose autonomous robotic vessels
Heigo Mölder, MindChip
Presentation material

Results for autonomous vessels from ARPA and MAST! projects
Jarkko Paavola, Turku UAS and Tommy Valojoki, Novia UAS
Presentation material

11:30 Lunch, networking and demos

12:30 Session 2: Next generation user interface solutions
The session will showcase next generation user interface solutions designed for maritime and for certified virtual training in the technology industry. Speakers invited to this session have extensive experience in establishing virtual training centers and/or utilizing the latest XR technologies to develop UI innovations. This session opens new perspectives for the audience why digitalization will be widely applied in the next generation training and what needs the speakers have identified based on their first experiences. Likewise, the session presents the audience from maritime to the technology industry with insights on how to develop user interface solutions that are designed considering the aspects of usability, user experience as well as efficiency. Finally, our session also envisions how metaverse technologies will be utilized in the maritime and technology industry in the near future.

Opening words
Mika Luimula

Keynote: Workplace Safety Ownership Model in the Singapore Context: Findings, Insights and Lessons Learned
Prof. Yin Leng Theng, NTU Singapore
Presentation material

Vehicle Automation in Partially Automated Convoy Driving for Military Logistic Trucks
Dr. Joscha Wasser, Fraunhofer FKIE
Presentation material

Connectivity for Digital Twin – Mixed Reality Solutions
Prof. Kari Tammi, Aalto University
Presentation material

14:00 Coffee break, demos and networking

14:30 Session 2 continues

Advantages of multi-user environments in big data visualisation and remote control
Timo Haavisto, Turku UAS
Presentation material

15.00 Panel discussion: How advanced UIs for example in metaverse could improve safety in industry?
Moderator: Mika Luimula Turku UAS
Prof. Yin Leng Theng, NTU Singapore
Riku Mäkelä, Business Finland
Pekka Hakala, Nokia

15.30 Networking with coctails


For more information, contact Jarkko Paavola ( + 358 40 355 0335) or Tommy Valojoki (, +358 50 518 0466).